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The Essayist network targets several different types of students, offering each a personalised experience whose main goal is to secure them the best grades possible. Your success translates into our success. The Law Essayist, therefore, takes your demands and requirements both seriously and personally.

It is important that you know we are not a paper mill. None of the websites in The Essayist network or companies sells recycled papers, focuses on quantity rather than quality or resell clients’ essays, term papers, dissertations, thesis or research papers. Law Essayist is not a paper mill but a one-stop academic research and resource centre which offers its clients a personalised service which addresses their individual academic needs.

Here, at Law Essayist, we have tailored our services to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. We know that no two clients are alike and that all have very specific needs and requirements and hence, have structured our services towards the satisfaction of individual needs and not to that of an impersonal, faceless customer base.

  • Online learners
  • If you are an online or distance learning student this means that you are deprived of the benefit of one-to-one learning and guidance.

    This may not be a problem for some, but it is for many. A great many of you often find yourself struggling with an article you do not understand, a topic which seems much too complicated to properly understand and an online quiz/exam which you are anxious about taking. Our academic professionals can provide you with online one-on-one tutoring, at different academic levels covering all subjects. We can guide you through your online quizzes and help you with those particularly difficult topics.

    In short, we can guide and help you throughout your entire online learning career, regardless of your specialty/major or degree-level.

  • Adult learners
  • As an adult learner, you have to contend with additional amounts of stress. Juggling a career with a family life is difficult but when an education is added on, the situation becomes quite nerve-wracking. You want to do it all but there are hardly enough hours in the day.

    All adult learners are in the same boat and for this reason more than 50% of adult learners do not complete their degree. Law Essayist is here to help you relieve some of the stress you are facing and ensure that you finish your studies and finish them with honours.

  • Undergraduate, graduate and post graduate law students
  • Are you facing tight deadlines? Or maybe you need to raise your grades? If so, you have come to the right place. Focus on studying for your exams and leave the rest to Law Essayist.

    Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate degree, Law Essayist can help you with your research, your dissertation, thesis, coursework, term papers and studies. We can help you through any one of our various services which include model custom research writing, tutoring, editing, proofreading or mark it/grading. Just tell us about your academic difficulties and the challenges you are facing and rely on our help to guide you towards the successful completion of your studies.

  • Honor students
  • With grade inflation, the academic environment has become extremely competitive. Keeping up your grades is becoming more and more difficult, even when it is increasingly important that you do. Why is it important to graduate with honours, rather than just graduate? The reasons are quite simple: An honour student is much more likely to find employment in these economically troubling times than is an ordinary, non-honour graduate. An honour student is much more likely to find financially lucrative employment than is an ordinary, non-honour graduate. Honour students earn almost double per year than do ordinary, non-honour students.

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