Guidelines To Academic Paper Writing Like A Pro

Academic writing is not easy and this is precisely why not many of the people out there actually choose to do it professionally. The rules, the fact that you have to dedicate a lot of time for your research and the fact that you have to really love your research topics – all these things make people feel afraid of the idea of writing a larger academic paper. However, there are certain things you should definitely keep in mind when it comes to writing your thesis and if you want to find out more, then read on.

  1. - Make sure that you have a compelling and coherent thesis statement. This statement will be placed in the introduction of your thesis and it will basically show the main idea of your research. There is no essay or academic paper without a thesis statement because the entire paper is based precisely on this statement and it follows it.
  2. - Make sure that you offer enough detail as to help your readers understand what you want to point out with your research, but at the same time make sure you don’t offer too much detail.
  3. - Structure everything properly. If it helps, build a scheme before you actually word your ideas down because having such a scheme can help you order your ideas better and it can help you build a better and more coherent thesis statement.
  4. - Make sure that your thesis statement is narrow enough and that you do not want to cover huge topic in short papers (the same way as you do not cover narrow topics in dissertation paper for example).
  5. - Remember to double-check the coherence of your thesis statement. Avoid long and twisted sentences because they can disrupt the reader from the main idea and they can push him/her into losing the interest in your paper.
  6. - Your thesis statement should always make an argument. It should either sustain or contradict an idea or it should outline the fact that you have come up with a new idea related to a certain topic.
  7. - Even if it is a personal opinion, your thesis statement should be absolutely impersonal and it should be as formal as possible.
  8. - Choose your words carefully. There are various degrees of neutrality and you should make sure that you understand the underlying meaning of every single word you use in your thesis.

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