7 useful speech writing techniques

Writing a speech is an art. The best speech writers have a several techniques that they use when writing speeches for themselves and for clients. These techniques help speech writers ensure that they are crafting speeches that will fit the needs of the event. These seven tips will help bring your speech writing to the next level:

  1. 1. Limit Your Main Ideas: If you include too many topics, your audience will get confused. If your speech has a time limit, keeping the main ideas limited to one or two, you will have an easier time staying focused and engaging your audience.
  2. Use Contractions: You are speaking, so write the way your speak. When you speak, you do not perfectly pronounce all of your words; you contract them. Keep your speech natural sounding, so that you appear to be an authentic speaker.
  3. Know Your Facts: Researching is important. If you do not know the facts, your speech will suffer because you will sound like you have no idea what you are talking about and your audience will know. If you are using facts from a source that people will recognize, do not hesitate to mention the source.
  4. Use a Format that is Recognizable: Many speeches are designed to present a solution to a problem. If you are writing a problem-solution speech, then present the problem first. Your audience will expect a formulaic speech; so follow a format, but wow them with your words and ideas.
  5. Delete Words: Once you have completed your speech writing, go back and delete unnecessary words. Most people write too much at the beginning. Make your speech concise and tight. Your audience will appreciate it.
  6. Be Concrete, Not Abstract: When you present concrete examples, your audience will be able to understand your ideas. If you are too abstract, they will not be able to connect to you as easily as they can connect to concrete details. Remember that you want your audience to be engaged in your topic, so make it something they can visualize, possibly even taste, smell, and touch. Make your words work.
  7. Make Yourself Real. People want to listen to people they can believe in, so make yourself sound like a likeable person. Let your audience know how you feel, but do not dwell on yourself for too long. Give them something that they can connect to with you.

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