Looking for Original Research Paper Topic Ideas

If you are struggling to come up with a topic idea for your next paper you should consider some of the suggestions below. In the field of business you can:

  • Write a paper about cybersecurity
  • Write research paper on electronic business
  • Write your paper on business ethics
  • Write your essay on the glass ceiling and females in the workplace
  • Write a paper about online retail stores
  • Write your essay on the use of outsourcing for businesses
  • Write research paper on the use of sweatshops overseas
  • Write a paper on white collar crime

When you are writing a research paper you need to ensure you form a complete argument. When you are writing research paper you might be well off thinking of it in terms of a debate with a friend. If you want to discuss with your friend what caused the Great Depression and what effects it had on the lives of those living in that time you would have to cover the beginning as well as the middle and the end of your conversation. You would need to discuss the beginning: what caused it. As well as the middle: what happened and what it caused. And the end: what this did to the people living there and how. If you failed to cover these points in your argument your friends might raise some questions. Therefore you must think of your essay as the same complete argument. You must allay any doubts your reader may have and make your intent clear.

When you are writing your research paper you will need to include the following components:

  • The introduction
  • The body paragraphs that provide supporting evidence
  • The conclusion
  • The references

No matter the topic that you select for your paper make sure to consider the following tips:

  • Throw in some creativity. No matter the type of essay you are writing a bit of creativity will add a great deal to the final piece. Remember that you want to leave a lasting impression on your readers.
  • A conclusion must do more than restate your thesis. It must readdress your thesis in light of the evidence that you provided inside of your body. You have to make sure that you are effective and that you remind the reader of the logic you used in your essay. Avoid introducing new information at this time and instead synthesize what information you presented in the body.

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