Interesting Dissertation Proposal Topics

The hardest part of any project, but especially such a long and demanding work like a dissertation, is just getting started. You’ll find that once you do get started, your momentum can push you through the rest of the research and writing and everything else that goes into a dissertation. But you just need that initial push to get going. If you keep reading this page, you will get that push.

Start by imagining yourself already graduated and on the first day of your dream job. What does it look like? Think about the smells, the architecture of the building or lab, what other people are there and what are they doing? Next think about your job and how it feels to be here, to finally have achieved your goal; are you satisfied? And now think about what you love doing most in the world above everything else. Can you turn that into a topic idea? What interests you so much that you’d love to do it for the rest of your life?

Figuring out your topic may take some time, and that’s okay. In fact it should take a significant amount of your time that you have to write your dissertation, because if you ever doubt yourself and change your topic later, you will be undoing so much hard work. It needs to be right the first time, and that is more than worth taking extra time to figure out. Think of your topic as the first cement that a homebuilder pours to make the foundation. If it isn’t quite set right or it’s too thin on one spot but its “good enough” and alter when you’ve done the roof and the walls and are filling in the inside doors and things, if the entire house collapses because the weak foundation can’t take the weight or the strain, you’ve got a big mess to clean up plus starting over plus all the expenses that were taken into the first building of it. Who wants that to have to clean up? Nobody does.

Take things one careful step at a time so that you are focused and able to move forward with steady progression. Your topic comes first, then you need to create an outline that has every detail of your work laid out and organized, and then the first draft only after you’ve prepared everything else.

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