Right to Privacy

Privacy is the right to control who knows what about a person, and under what conditions, thereby controlling the intimacies of life. It is all about secrecy, and the right to determine for oneself if and to what extent personal information is disseminated. The right to privacy is the protection against having a society in which the government completely controls the people’s lives, and requires the government to protect individuals from privacy invasion by other people. Right to privacy ensures that personal emails, bank details and medical records are safe and secure. This is essential to human dignity and autonomy in all societies around the globe.

Privacy is a fundamental right and most governments around the world have sought to protect their citizens in their beliefs, emotions, sensations and thoughts. A person has the right to determine what kind of information is taken about them, and the purpose of that information. This helps in protecting individuals from exploitation.

Right of privacy prevents unlawful revelation of personal information. People have to right to review their information, ask for any necessary corrections and be informed on any disclosures. This is significant as it contributes to the security of the involved persons. Privacy provided by financial institutions to their customers helps on safeguarding the information collected from their customer offering security to their finances.

Certain laws in different countries need to be in place to protect citizens’ private information. The constitutions should protect people from unreasonable searches and seizures. The right to privacy is most often guarded by constitutional law. For instance, In United States, the health information portability and accountability act protects a person’s health information while the federal trade commission guarantees the right to privacy in various private statements and policies.

The controversy on the extent of privacy protection has forced many governments to make certain clarifications by amending the constitutions. These amendments have been used in changeable degrees of achievement in determining the right to personal liberty. For example, in United States, the principle underlying the fourth and the Fifth Amendment is the protection against the invasion of the sanctity of a person’s home and the privacy of life.

Every human being should be protected from intrusion into private life by corporations and governments. Privacy should be cherished by individuals, protected by the governments and cherished by all corporations. It is imperative for the government as well as other people to respect a person’s right to keep some things to themselves.

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