How You Should Write Book Titles in Research Papers


Research papers are, and have been, part of the academic conscious since the beginning of academia. Essays are so vital to the academic process. Typically, research essays range from persuasive to expository, and a lot of the work involved is the research itself. After that, a paper is used to synthesis this research, either to present findings or change the mind of the reader based on what the research turns out. Papers of this type are useful because of the ability to assess and teach students, and these papers should talk about the books that were researched to writing them. Using book titles in papers is a very valid way of increasing the value of your essay.

Purpose of research papers

Students write research papers for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is assessment, which is important to determine which students are doing well, and see who needs help. This is a secondary goal, however, meant for people besides the students and teacher to take measure of the student's abilities. Writing a research paper is first about the student, because it gives him valuable real-world practice, with a variety of skills that will pertain to their lives in the future. In addition, there is research being done for research's sake- each new research paper marginally increases the pool of human knowledge, which is a good thing.

Why adding books in your paper holds value

Including sources is an important part of any essay, especially a research one. When selecting a source to include in your essay, books are pretty much the best of the bunch. They are lengthy, have many details that not many people are aware of, and have a lot of information organized neatly. They are also good things to mention the title of in your essay- it enables you to borrow, so to speak, the prestige of the author that you are writing from. This lends an air of sophistication around your essay, because you invoke the title and book of a respected author.

Formatting book titles

Formatting book titles themselves is a simple affair. Remember to capitalize the Author's first and last name, and capitalize every word in the book title itself. Small words, especially if they are one syllable or under four letters, can often be under-case unless they are the first word in the title, which is always capitalized.

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