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Law Essayist offers its customers an extensive range of services. Just click on the service icon of your choice and you will be directed to a fuller description of the service.

  • Classroom Brief Writing :
  • Law School professors often require their students to prepare briefs for class in order to discuss the facts, laws, and reasoning. As a Law School student you must be prepared or it can affect your grade in the class. The problem is that Law students have on average five classes and all of those classes require numerous briefs at each class meeting. Do you have to brief Brown v. Board of Education, Plessy v. Ferguson, and Dred Scott v. Sanford for Monday’s American Constitutional Law class?

    Do you have to brief Woolmington v. Director of Public Prosecutions and decide how this maintained a burden of proof on the part of the prosecutor in criminal trials in the United Kingdom for your Law School class? If these two questions seem difficult to complete then let assist with your Classroom Brief Writing. If you have briefs for other jurisdictions besides America and UK then the team can assist you with those as well. We have all of the resources and knowledge to help you achieve in Law School…and make your time spent in Law School a little less stressful.

  • Legal Research and Writing :
  • Legal Research and Writing is a specific subset of legal writing for Law Students. The assignments for this type of writing usually involve a fact pattern and the student must decide a position for that fact pattern utilizing case law and statutes. Often the law student is required to restate facts, refer to the fact pattern document, and use case law with explanations of how that case law pertains to that specific fact pattern. Topics such as whether or not a custodial interrogation occurred (and a Miranda Warning was not given) will impact on whether or not the prosecution can use any evidence or confessions gained from the interrogation. Or perhaps the fact pattern describes the family of victims of terrorism wanting to sue the country that sponsored the terrorism, so what is the best way to successfully win a case against the country and collect damages?

    These types of questions are common in Law School and are difficult to answer correctly for the Law School professor. The team has experience with Legal Research and Writing and has knowledge of the correct law citation method for any jurisdiction. Rest assured if you select our Legal Research and Writing service you will receive quality work.

  • Criminal Justice, Security, and Crime Prevention Assignments :
  • This service caters to the non-Law School student that needs to address certain issues on the subject of crime. Topics such as whether or not a search incident to an arrest occurred or whether or not the police were justified in using force are completed using this service. Case law and penal codes do come into play with this service, but the work is not fashioned in the same manner as Law School work. Often the citation styles can be MLA, APA, etc. Whatever your topic may be, whatever citation style you need to use, and whatever jurisdiction you are in you will be confident in the quality of the team.

  • Undergraduate Law and Public Policy Assignments :
  • This service includes financial topics that have some instance of law included. For instance, let's say the professor wants you to discuss whether or not a company can issue stock in order to raise money to invest in an expansion. What would you tell the company about the legal obligations of such a venture?

    What if your professor asked you to discuss whether or not it is correct to state that President Obama's health care reform should include abortion coverage? This topic would include legal and ethical issues, and is a common topic in many University courses. In both instances has you covered. We can address topics such as those discussed above in a more toned-down legal sense and can create a great legal and public policy paper.

  • Online Testing :
  • LawEssayist takes over for you, you can forget your online testing anxieties and be certain that you will receive top marks. Do you have an online Criminal Justice test or Public Policy exam? If so then The LawEssayist can help.

  • Mark It :
  • If you’ve finished the work but are unsure of its standard, pass it on to us. One of our professional academicians will thoroughly review your work, grade it and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Online Tutoring :
  • It could be a study article which is written in a very complex and complicated way, a physics theory, or absolutely anything; it could be something major or minor. In both cases and whatever it is, the end result is the same: the student is lost. To This: Are you in Law School and having trouble with case law? Are you enrolled a Criminal Justice course of Public Policy course and having trouble understanding the legal ramifications of the topics? In either case, you as the student may feel lost in class.

  • Editing :
  • If you are experiencing difficulties with your studies, whether law, science, math, English or practically any topic, one of our professional academic tutors will offer you the required academic guidance and help.

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