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Editing involves three key areas. First, it involves the identification and correction of spelling, grammatical, punctuation, and other writing errors. While there are word processing software that can accomplish these editing functions, these programs are hardly as sophisticated as manual inspection by experts in the English language who can spot errors that are not included in the software’s programming. Furthermore, word processing software are often unable to make correct judgments when the error in question involves conflicts between existing grammatical rules. For quantitative papers, editing also involves identifying and correcting errors in data organization, computation, analysis, and interpretation.

The second area involves matching the content of the written work with the level of writing required in the writing assignment’s specifications. The level of writing refers to the educational standard (high school, undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate) that the completed paper is expected to adhere to. For example, editing may involve increasing the sophistication of the grammar used in a paper so as to raise its level from undergraduate to postgraduate. On the other hand, it may also involve toning down the depth and variety of the vocabulary employed in order to place the work within high school level. The third area is fitting the content of the written work into the expected writing style. For example, there are subtle but perceptible differences between American and British writing styles which an editor can identify. Editing experts have years of experience and solid qualifications in the use of the English language across different levels and styles.

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