How to Buy a Research Paper without Getting Scammed

Today, more and more students are turning to online writing services to purchase written assignments. However, not all students have a positive experience in dealing with these companies. While some companies do deliver on their promises of providing top-notch written assignments, on time, and for a reasonable fee, there are plenty of other companies which are out looking for a quick buck and fail to keep their end of the bargain. Here are a few tips to help you from getting scammed when you set out to purchase a research paper:

Conduct Your Own Research; Check Those Review Sites

At some point or another you must have heard advice that says you can’t believe all of the claims one makes online. A lot of writing companies make huge claims about the level of work they produce but come up tremendously short the moment you input payment information. Don’t be fooled! Take the time to search what other customers say about their experiences with certain companies. Look for certain trends in service, quality, support and more. These are all good indicators of which companies can be trusted and which need to be avoided.

Read the Terms and Conditions Carefully

This might not be the most convenient or fun thing to do but it’s extremely important. No two companies are exactly alike. Some will offer full refunds for unsatisfactory work while others have no refund clause for work that doesn’t earn the “A+ grade” they promised since they can’t control whether or not a professor is strict with grades. Know what you can reasonably expect with each service and be sure to check for hidden fees.

Contact Customer Support Directly and Find Out About a Company’s Writers

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the terms and conditions you should contact customer service directly with a list of questions verifying what you’ve just read and to find out as much as you can about a company’s writers. Remember that a lot of these companies claim to hire professional writers, but the term itself is a little vague when you really look at it. Aren’t all writers who earn a paycheck for writing considered professionals? Find out where they find their writers and anything you can about individual writers’ background and expertise.

Verify Any Certifications With the Issuing Agency

Several websites will post certificates on their sites to imply legitimacy in terms of payment protection and service. Unfortunately, anyone can simply download images of these certifications and put them up on a site without consequence. That’s why it’s important you contact the issuing agency directly to verify the certification. Sometimes you will have to have a certification number but more often than not you will need to provide a domain and company name. This step can be vital in weeding out the fraudulent sites.

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