List of Great History Research Paper Topics to Write On

A list of fantastic history paper topics for students to use:

  1. Medieval and Renaissance Europe
    • The middle ages
    • Life in the renaissance
    • Life in Medieval Europe
    • About the plague
    • What was the Carolingian empire?
    • What was marriage like in medieval times?
    • What was the hundred-year war?
    • What was inquisition about?
    • About knights and knighthood during medieval times
    • What were economics like?
    • What was medieval law?
    • What was the Ottoman Empire?
    • What was reformation?
    • Notable Renaissance art
    • Notable Renaissance literature
    • What was life like for women in the middle ages?
    • What was life like for women in during the renaissance?
  2. Europe in the 1900’s
    • All about WWI
    • Who was Lawrence of Arabia?
    • Who was Chester Nimitz?
    • What was the treaty of Versailles
    • What caused WWI
    • Diplomatic history pre WWI
    • All about WWII
    • What caused WWII
    • What was the Atlantic Wall
    • About Auschwitz
    • What was the Battle of Britain about?
    • What was the battle of the Bulge about?
    • What was Blitzkrieg?
    • Who was Vannevar Bush?
    • About children of the Holocaust
    • Who was Winston Churchill?
    • What were concentration camps?
    • What was Dachau?
    • What happened on D-Day
    • Who was Dwight Eisenhower?
    • Describe German resistance of Hitler
    • Who was Adolf Hitler?
    • Do some people deny the Holocaust?
    • About Holocaust survivors
    • About Japanese-American internment
    • About Nazi Germany
    • Describe Nazi Propaganda
    • Who else was victimized by the Holocaust
    • What was Pearl Harbor about?
  3. Modern History
    • Life after WWII
    • The 1960’s
    • The 1970’s
    • The 1980’s
    • The 1990’s
    • The 2000’s
    • What was the Vietnam War?
    • What was the Cultural Revolution?
    • What is the most important historical event in the last decade?
    • The impact of September 11th
    • Cultural changes in the United States
    • Most important economical event of the last decade
    • Why did the stock market crash in 2008?
    • The current state of the U.N
    • What was the Cold War about?
    • What was the Cuban Missile crisis about?
    • North Korea today
    • China today
    • What does the future hold?
    • Important historical events of the 2000’s
    • What was the gulf war about?
    • What was the war against terrorism?
    • What was in the war in Afghanistan about?
    • Who is Barrack Obama?
    • The most important historical event of the last 20 years?
    • The current state of politics in the U.S
    • Recent natural disasters
    • Current global warming crisis
    • Major historical events of the last 50 years
    • Most influential president of the last 50 years

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