What Are The Main Parts of a Research Paper

Research papers may differ in topics and subject but all of them have a few basics that are common. The structure of a research paper stays same in all cases.

Following are the important parts of a research paper.

  1. Title Page
  2. Title page is usually known as cover page. This is the page where you have to write down your name, title of the research paper, institution name and other particulars that your professor has asked you to include in the title.

  3. Introduction
  4. this is the opening of your research paper. Here you present your topic to the reader. It should be very compelling and must have the ability to hook the reader. This is where you tell your reader why you have chosen the particular subject and how is your rest of the paper going to explain your topic.

  5. Literature Review
  6. A literature review provides the background and history of a certain subject. It should contain critical analysis of all the previous matter published on the subject so far. The student is supposed to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the authors who have written on the subject prior to him. He should then explain how is his research better than others and how will it make a difference.

  7. Research Methodology
  8. in this part you are supposed to explain your research methodology. You should be able to justify the research methods and processes you used for reaching certain conclusion. They can be laboratory experiments, statistical reports, journals, first hand interviews and surveys etc.

  9. Analysis of the data
  10. this portion of the research paper will focus on analyzing the data you have collected. First you explain how you have researched certain information. After you have extracted out data from your research results it is now time to interpret and analyze it and explain your reader the purpose of this data collection.

  11. Discussion
  12. this part of the research paper throws light on other aspects of your topic. The discussion chapter explains your subject’s contribution to the society and highlights the areas in which future research can be performed.

  13. Conclusion
  14. This is the last chapter of your research paper. Here you will conclude your topic and explain how successfully your work supports your idea. It is important to summarize your research paper in the conclusion but make sure it does not look repetitive.

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