Using A Sample MLA Research Paper To Your Advantage

The MLA citation and referencing format has been around for a long time. The first handbook detailing how one can use the citation style first appeared in print in 1951. Since then, it has provided writers across the world with common ground when it comes to citations and referencing. Citation styles like the MLA, Harvard, APA and Chicago have been around for quite some time. The latest edition of the MLA handbook that was first printed so many years ago is the seventh. Citation styles not only offer writers a common reference point, but also offer them a chance to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s information, either intentionally or accidentally without giving credit. Proper citation in the text and in the references section circumvents this problem.

Importance of citation

MLA was originally meant for literature and historical texts, with time it has been adapted to include as far as electronic sources and other documents. People like it because it is relatively simple compared to other styles like APA and especially Chicago. But just like the other citation styles, one has to use it correctly. The correct use of MLA, and any citation style, gives credibility to the paper to whoever is evaluating it.


When using MLA in citation of a research paper, the font size should be 12pt. MLA recommends the use of times new roman but one can use any other font that they find easier to write in. The trick is to choose a font where the italics and normal styles are different enough that one can tell the other apart. There should be a one inch margin on both sides of the text. Headers in this style normally have the numbering on the top let side. Depending on the instructions given by the instructor, the paper could or could not include a title page.

First page

An important and often unique aspect to every citation style is how the writers format the first page of their document. Those who are familiar with citation will tell you that one look at the first page of the work written will tell them which citation style has been used, and, more importantly whether I has been used correctly.

Using an MLA research paper to your advantage

Most times when conducting research, one uses samples to guide them. If the sample is in MLA style then the individual is in luck because of the simple and straightforward nature.

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