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Across different fields of study, brainstorming is usually the first step involved in writing any form of research and the optimal topic selection. In brainstorming research paper topics, the researcher has to extensively generate ideas on possible research questions to explore; each of which contributes to the final topic selection step: the identification of the research topic. This process initially entails an extensive review of literature in the researcher’s field of study which the researcher must execute with the highest level of proficiency. The researcher has to be precisely aware of what research questions have already been addressed by the scientific community for two reasons. First is so that the researcher does not accidentally duplicate an existing study. While it is perfectly acceptable for a researcher to select a research topic that is a replication of the methods of a previous study applied to a different research setting, it is not acceptable for a researcher, by accident or otherwise to repeat conducting a research that has already been successfully accomplished unless the researcher has sufficient, literature-based reason to doubt the outcomes of the previous study. Second, the researcher can collect recommendations of existing studies on possible directions of future research. These recommendations can serve as the primary considerations in brainstorming for research topics. Experts of brainstorming research topics have been through the process thousands of times, and have in their experience developed techniques and strategies for effectively sifting through hundreds of articles to gather ideas for creative and realistic research topics. Students can count on both the skill and the resources of the brainstorming research topics expert to yield the best possible options.

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