What not to do while writing a research paper

There are many steps taken to assure a well written, polished paper. There are also just as many steps of what not to do when writing a research paper. Many people fall into certain traps or bad habits when writing research papers and end up with lower quality work that lead to less desirable grades.

Do not buy your research paper

When time is limited, it can be tempted to take the easiest route possible. This however, is not always the answer. Buying a research paper has many disadvantages to it and is never recommended. There is the distinct risk of getting caught as there are many ways a professor can check papers for plagiarism and many times these paper are repeated in content and increase the chances of getting caught. These papers are also often low quality and would be better written and more polished if written by the customer. These papers also don't usually match the parameters set by the professor.

Don't Procrastinate

Procrastination is a problem many students have. It is always more tempting to have fun and do something leisurely, however, if you leave a paper to the last minute you risk low quality work or work that is impossible to hand in on time. Allow yourself for real life to throw something unexpected at you so that you minimize stress and are able to complete your assignment

Don't let your first draft be the last

Paper writing is a constantly changing process. There will be changes in ideas and research may change how you go about your paper. Allow yourself to change the paper with what information teaches you. There will also be mistakes made in your first draft. Multiple re reads and friends and peers re reading and giving you suggestions and advice can be beneficial and polish your paper, earning you a better grade.

Avoid jargon, make the paper more accessible

When writing in scientific or mathematical fields, it can be easy to use jargon or language used by professionals. This makes the paper less accessible to the common audience. Try and keep the language simple and explained so the widest can learn and understand the point of your paper.

Writing a research paper can be an enriching experience. To be successful there are many traps and bad habits to avoid. As long as time and effort are put into the paper, there is the greatest chance of success and the desired grades.

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