Thesis Research Papers: List of References Formatting

It has been very often discussed the importance of properly citing your sources and creating a coherent reference page for ALL OF academic writing assignments. As it becomes more and more common for students to hand in "copied" papers from the Internet, instructors have tightened their belts and began grading (and checking) references on almost every single assignment. No longer, can students get away with handing in a lackluster research paper list of references. In fact, there are some very specific criteria that must be followed when citing sources on a research composition for college or university institutions.

Why Proper List of Referencing Is Important

Due to the fact that instances of plagiarism have become so common, many instructors will not even grade major research assignments without a list of references. If you hand in a paper without a reference sheet, your instructor may hand it back to you with a big fat zero. Now that modern technology has made "fact checking" a lot easier, professors in post secondary institutions, have began to check everything and forgive nothing. As more students use Internet resources, it becomes vitally important that these resources can be found. If you do not format your reference list properly, it as if your research resources do not exist, you will be graded appropriately as if you did not use the proper sources to find your material.

It may seem like a lot of extra work for no reason, but the reason why proper reference formatting has become so important is because there is so much information out there it is impossible for an instructor to be familiar with everything. If something is unique or abstract your instructor may be intrigued to look into it further, your resources need to be verifiable so that they can do this.

Eventually you may be asked to compose a dissertation or final thesis paper, all of this work is essentially to prepare you for that. Knowing how to cite references properly and format a reference sheet is a vital part of the post-secondary curriculum. This is because someday, you may compose a publication as an expert in your field and by this time you should know how to properly do research and reference that research correctly. The best approach is not to get stressed about the reference process but learn how to do it and memorize the formatting so you can do it correctly every time.

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