A Perfect Sample Outline for an Essay

Just as there are many people who will tell you the choice of topic for your essay is very important, so too there are just as many who will remind you of the value of the outline. When you make a detailed and sensible outline or plan for your essay, you give yourself a much better chance of writing well and scoring well. People who produce essays which win approval from their teacher or professor are those who choose the right topic and who spend time on the outline.

There are several steps you can take in producing a quality outline. If you employ these steps in your sample outline, you're well on the way to writing a top essay. And these steps apply regardless of the type of essay you are writing.

  • Choose the topic wisely and well.
  • Write a general statement about your essay.
  • Write a specific statement about your essay -- your thesis statement.
  • Make up a list of your reference or research material.
  • Create the framework of your outline.
  • Insert the information into your outline.

The choice of topic is everything. It will determine the amount of enthusiasm and interest you have in writing. It will determine how much relevant and accessible research material is available. It will either get you on-side or off-side with your teacher or professor. Get the choice of topic right.

Now you write two statements. Both are about the nub of your topic, about what it's about. You write a general statement and then you write a specific statement. The general statement gives you an overview of the topic and the specific statement or thesis statement, tells you exactly what you're going to write about in fine detail.

Now you make a search of relevant and accessible research material. What is available?

By now you can create the grid, the frame, the diagram of your outline. It will have headings such as introduction, first fact paragraph, second fact paragraph and the conclusion. You can place grid this on a single piece of paper or on an easily viewable page on your tablet or computer. Now you are ready to insert the headings and relevant points into your outline. Be as specific and detailed as you like. Make sure it is rich with ideas. Once you actually start to write your essay, your outline is your plan, your guide and your key to success

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