Do My Thesis- Higher Education Under Risk of Collapse

Student Loans and Inability to Repay Them

One major problem with higher education in America is that some education experts wonder if it is worth it for students to continue to take out hefty student loans when the current chances of long-term job stability are very slim due to the fact that so many college graduates struggle to even find a part-time job or a career that pertains to what they attended school for. As a result, local and state politicians wonder if alternatives to a college education should be considered such as low-cost vocational training or apprenticeships for high school students at businesses.

Rising College Tuition Costs

Another indicator of higher education being in crisis is the rising costs in tuition by private and state colleges. This is because state governments are making budget cuts and these cuts include a cutback in funding of public universities. As a result, universities will have to raise the tuition and cut out certain degree programs, athletic programs and even some student organizations.

Increase in Academic Dishonesty

Some higher education experts say that academic dishonesty is another reason why higher education could collapse in coming years. They say an increasing number of students are cheapening the value of a college degree by plagiarizing their research papers, downloading papers from the Internet and overall not taking their education seriously. One reason for this could be because some college students wonder if a college education will be worth anything in the future and they sense hopelessness in their career aspirations.

Internet As Strong Competition To Traditional Colleges

The Internet is challenging traditional colleges in a major way thanks to the rise of online colleges as a cheaper and sometimes more effective way to educate people. However, while online education is beneficial, some education experts say that the quality of Internet education still doesn't compare to traditional colleges and accreditation is an issue for online colleges.

Final Notes

With the above mentioned challenges that higher education institutes face, politicians and education officials need to think about more innovative ways to prepare students for the workforce in a changing and at times volatile global economy. The traditional methods of educating students may not work in these times and new methods will have to replace them. Should a major economic collapse occur in America, young persons may need employment skills that do not fall in the professional category but instead skills that will make them marketable to employers that are in need of people with more practical skills.

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