Law Term Papers: What are Your Findings?

When you are assigned a paper in any of your law classes, you may be a bit overwhelmed at first. You have to choose a topic and then narrow it down into a very narrow point otherwise you will waste a lot of time researching a rather broad topic. Here are some things to remember when writing a law term paper and presenting your findings.

  • A law paper can be based on many things but it is best to choose either a controversial case that is being shown on the news, landmark decisions or judiciary proceedings that have occurred, industry and globalization laws or a particular issue that has garnered a lot of attention.
  • Undertake a case study is a key to writing a law paper. Pick a case and then pick it apart. Tell who did what and which laws were represented, broken or ignored.
  • Legal policies and customs

    When you decide which laws were validated or invalidated in the case then discuss what the normal penalties are for breaking that particular law in that particular area. Are the penalties customarily light or heavy? What happened in this case? Where the local legal policies and customs observed and if so, to what extent? If they were not, why were they not?

  • Analysis and View Points

    What is your particular analysis of the case in point? What are your view points? Express these as well as any other analysis or viewpoints in regards to this particular case that you may have come across in your research.

  • Authenticity of referential sources

    Make sure that each of your resources are not only properly cited but that they are also authentic. Wikipedia is NOT a credible resource.

  • Adopt a subtle writing expression

    When you are writing the paper make sure that you use a tone that is solely yours but also make it more professional and argue your case in writing as you would in a court room. Try to figure out what your opponents would say and ask and then answer those things in the course of your argument.

  • Composition and structure

    Through your entire paper you must remember to use the correct composition styles, structuring and format. Whatever format your instructor assigned is what you need to stick to. If you need help with understanding the formatting there are many sites online that give examples of proper formatting for different types of papers. In fact, there is probably a web site connected to your own college’s site where this type of help is given.

All in all just remember to take it easy and research the topic thoroughly and you will find that it goes smother than you expected it to.

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