Getting a Handle on MLA Style and Research Paper Writing

MLA is stated as an abbreviation for the Modern Language Association format that is widely used in the humanities and liberal arts. This style sets the list of standards for the text formatting, research paper structure, reference citing, information validation, and prevention of plagiarism in student assignments. The latter is extremely vital in the Internet era when people have access to numerous resources to support their research.

Text Formatting Basics

MLA mode helps to apply a unified format to the text. You do not have to try different styles and check if it looks good. The fonts, margins, line spacing, and headings - everything is designed and easy to apply. For instance, the margins are 1 inch on all sides; the text is written in 12 pt. font; one space is used after punctuation marks, including periods. Search for a sample MLA style research paper in order to gain better understanding of the details to keep in mind.

Reference Citing Details

Today every researcher uses tens of sources. A huge number of the data used should be cited properly and give a credit to the authors. The citation is placed in the text. There is no need to prepare and format footnotes. You use a source, cite it and go on writing, and your supervisor and the groupmates will be able to verify the reference fast. It is much easier than you think.

You do not have to cite a year to mark a citation, only the author and the page number are provided. Sometimes there is no author, and you have to write down a paper’s title then.

Information Validation

When you write a research paper, you need reliable sources to support your position. Be careful when you cite online sources, many of them cannot be validated. A high-cited scientist can provide a credible paper, but a 25-year-old blogger probably not. Use endnotes to provide explanation or some comments where you may also include additional references. MLA style has strong tools and clear guidelines to help you define the validity of research paper resources.

Literary Piracy

Wide accessibility of the research papers online leads to a temptation to use a copy-paste technique and compose your paper using the ideas of others. That is strongly prohibited and leads to your expulsion from the course. MLA standards are designed to avoid plagiarism and cite the resources you use properly. Today it takes seconds to check your paper with a plagiarism checker and find out the borrowed content.

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