How to Choose Topics for an Argument Essay That Are not Overused?

The problem with using an argument essay topic which has been overused is that you may possibly cause the examiner to suffer from high blood pressure and you put your own work up against that of many others. Of course the examiner should not be prejudiced and should consider every essay on its merits. But your teacher or professor is only human. And if they get to read your essay which is on the topic that 50 other students before you have already written on, it's easy to understand the frustration of the examiner. And you make a rod for your back if one or more of these other students have written an absolutely fantastic essay. Yours may pale by comparison.

There are two approaches you can take in this situation

  • You can find an argument essay topic which is rarely written about.
  • You can take an overused argument essay topic but find a new angle.

If you decide to look for a unique or rarely written about argument essay topic, you have your work cut out for you. Whenever something controversial pops up in the world of media, millions of people know about it. Whenever students are looking for an argument essay topic it is very easy to find something because of the publicity through traditional and social media methods. So you have to be wise. You have to be clever and look for something which does not receive a great deal of publicity. Certainly it will not be found on the front page of the daily newspaper. By going online and looking out for unusual places or events, unusual or little-known topics, you may well be lucky and find something which has not been written about to any great extent.

The alternative is that you do take an argument essay which has been done to death as far as students choosing it are concerned, but you try something clever. You write your argument essay taking a different tack. The best way to do that is to read many of the argument essays on that particular topic and note the approach taken by other students. You then come up with a new approach, something different.

If you come up with an unusual or better still a unique argument essay topic, or if you come up with a new angle on an overused argument essay topic, you will get two benefits. You will delight your professor or teacher and you will not have your work held up in comparison with that of other students. Both of those benefits could mean an excellent result for your argument essay. It's certainly worth thinking about.

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