Research Paper: Acknowledgments Tips

Research paper is a collection of new ideas made on personal observation and experimentations basis, as well as on past and present researches to create a new, well define subject, making it interesting and informative for the reader.

In order to consider your research paper or acknowledgement of it, some tips and tricks should be kept in mind. As research paper deals with new search you have done on particular field, following things should be considered.

  • The title of research paper should be short and sweet for the attention of the reader.
  • The subject should be well descriptive and explanatory in order to understand by the reader.
  • The material of the abstract should be new and is not reparative.
  • The introduction of a research paper should be captivating for the reader, so that it should be accepted by him just by reading from start.
  • The body of a research paper should be like a story, keeping the interest of the reader along with the step by step heading towards the results of it.
  • It should be short and to the point making an ease for the reader whether to skip any portion of it, but still understand what is in it.
  • There should be reason of why you have done research on it and why no one has solved or considered about it before your work.
  • It should take in to account the new researches that will be made in future in the relevant field.
  • The conclusion of a research paper is in a form of short paragraph, summarizing your whole research.
  • The paper should be worth reading and it is not just a copy paste material from your primary secondary and tertiary sources. Make a detailed study of it and write down in your own words.
  • Your words and data in a research paper should create emphasis.
  • You should correct words and unique way to create interest of a reader.
  • It should be free from mistakes, whether it is grammatical or regarding spellings.
  • If your research paper contains any table, diagram or graph, it should be mentioned with its reference.
  • After your research work has been done, publish it on internet straight way.

This article gives you an overview about writing a strong acknowledgment of your research paper. These tips will prove to be very helpful for a student who aims to write acknowledgement portion of the research paper.

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