10 Creative Research Paper Writing Ideas For University Students

If you are tasked with writing a creative research paper as a university student there are many potential topics from which to choose. Of course finding the best research paper topics might take a little bit of extra work on your behalf.

One of the best things you can do is to pick a highly controversial idea and presented from a new perspective.

When searching for the 10 best creative research paper writing ideas for university students, you should consider the ideas below.

  1. Explain what hardships were faced by Lewis and Clark when they were sent out to explore the Midwest.
  2. Write about how Internet censorship is used in China, and focus specifically on the great firewall which was designed to allow China to completely cut off all Internet access in and out of the country with one switch.
  3. Craft a paper that explains what obstacles are currently faced by scientists who are attempting to break the sound barrier
  4. Craft a paper which reviews the current difficulties faced by medical marijuana clinics in states where medical marijuana has been approved, with regard to banking. Focus on the fact that medical marijuana is not approved at a federal level and therefore the banks cannot ensure the money and any federally owned banks will not take the deposits. This means that a great deal of cash has to be used and this can make it very dangerous for the clinic owners to transport high amounts of cash to and from state-owned banks.
  5. Discuss different laws currently in place to protect animals who are currently being used for research purposes. Should there be more done to ensure that animals are not harmed while they are used for research testing?
  6. Discuss the need for many people to return to traditional gardening and self-sustainability in their own home. Review what families can do to reduce their consumption and carbon footprint.
  7. Discuss how the great recession and the Great Depression were similar events and what led to each and helped each to end.
  8. Explain what tax measures were put into place in America this year to help noncitizens who are illegally in the states to handle their taxes
  9. Explain what programs are currently available to help war veterans return to normal society and whether or not they work.
  10. Review the current economic and environmental friendly energy plan produced by the European Union and specifically how their Plans for environmentally friendly solar powered cars are difficult to implement because there is a lack of demand due to the lack of stations present to recharge the vehicles, and yet they cannot get contractors to sign up to build the stations until there is demand.

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