Student Athletes Should Receive More Benefits

A student athlete is a term used to refer to the student who actively participates in sporting activities while in college. Sports activities like football, cricket, basketball and volleyball, have created billionaires and many millionaires. Participants who excel in these sports are usually awarded hefty prizes and gifts which translate into millions of dollars. While the professional athletes are not left behind in the revenue that is generated by sports as they bag a lot of prize money and medals once they excel in competitions the student athletes only receive indirect benefits through the NCAA and have no access to the fortunes they create for their institutions.

Currently the NCAA offers student athletes such befits as sponsorships, insurance medical covers, and the facilitation for training and healthy living. However when looked at critically these student athletes normally earn millions of dollars for the institutions they represent yet really for them as individuals they receive none of the tangible fiscal benefits.

The student athletes in most cases are below par in pursuant of academic excellence because of the selection criteria which allows them to join college with far much less grades than their non athletic counterparts. This coupled with the fact that they spend much of their time on sport than studies denies them the chance to excel in academics.

With this argument in mind then it is only proper that this class of athletes should be rewarded in monetary terms for their effort to excel in sports and bring in the glory and money for the institutions they represent. This proposition is further supported by the fact that even after the four college years these students do not necessarily get white collar jobs due to either their low academic standards or because they seek to pursue sports as a career. In case of pursuing a career in sports it may become a challenge given that they have to pay their bills and other expenses that must be met during their early years in the industry before they get good sponsors who can take care of them. Such financial difficulties could have been avoided if they would have received some monetary payments during the years they represented their institutions.

Denying the student athletes more benefits has resulted in several cases of lawsuits in instances where different bodies have been found to use the athletes’ portraits or any other such character for corporate benefit. This may lead to the student athletes even dropping out of the programs and this could have serious challenges on the NCAA.

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