How to Find Free Examples of 5 Paragraph Essays

The Difficulty of Seeking

Similar to a necessity, it becomes essential that every student learns the basic format of writing an essay. The writing composition of a theme is made up of different components, which when put together are designed to flow coherently throughout. What is the structure of an essay, and how does one go about properly writing one? The answers to these questions simply put, are what is attempted to be answered throughout the remainder of this article. It is also important to note, that any concerns, inquires, and/or questions thus arising from the information given should be further consulted with a knowledgeable instructor.

Learning the Essay Format

With that said, the crux of the obstacle presented involves the format for writing an essay. The basic format involves three (3) components. These components or parts are: the introduction, body, and the conclusion. It is important to further note that each of these listed components is in the form of a paragraph. Though, with the exception of the body, this is in the form of more than one paragraph or multiple paragraphs depending on the amount of supporting details presented in the opening introductory paragraph. Because this particular essay is for a five (5) paragraph only format, the body will need a total of three (3) separate paragraphs.

Reverting to the overall format of an essay, it is imperative to keep in mind, that the introductory paragraph contains a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a one (1) sentence thematic summarization of the essay’s presented argument or debate. The thesis is often followed by a short comprehensive list of details, in which you will further describe each in a detailed format consisting of one paragraph per detail listed.

Regardless of which section component, each paragraph should contain a topic sentence and a minimum of four to a maximum of eight (4-6) sentences. Maintaining consistency throughout your essay will in effect make the essay overall flow better, and make the process a whole lot easier in the end. If you are currently experiencing difficulty in interpreting or understanding any part or section of this article, it is advised that you investing in further research. This can be done in a myriad of ways including, but not limited to, consulting instructors and/or peers, or even an Internet based search. Enjoy your writing!

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