What Is The Key To Writing A Strong Term Paper Introduction

An effective introduction is a vital part of a strong term paper. It should introduce the topic and provide elements that attract the readers’ attention. However, the main purpose of this section is to demonstrate important details that you have discovered on the subject matter. You should highlight the key information in your introductory section. The most challenging issue for most students is to decide what information should be presented. The following material explains what the key to writing a high quality introduction is:

Come up with a catchy opening sentence.

The first sentence makes the first impression and catches attention of the audience. The readers should want to read your term paper, so do not confuse them with irrelevant information. It is a good idea to study a writing manual t describes the ways to make this sentence interesting. The most popular suggestion is to mention a surprising fact about your research subject. Some students recommend to provide a joke, but you should remember that you are writing a formal academic paper, so this might not work out.

Compose a strong thesis statement.

You should formulate the main purpose of your term paper, make sure that this information is unbiased and concise, so the readers will understand what you mean. Your main argument should be described in a single sentence, so keep it simple and remember that you should explain it in full detail throughout your term paper. However, ensure that you do not state something widely known, as thus you will weaken your point.

Select background information about the topic carefully.

You should get the readers familiar with the topic, so you need to select important background information. This should include the material that you have gained about the subject; including its vital characteristics, new findings, and some things for further consideration. It is your task to build a solid foundation for the readers. In other words, you should give them a sense of why it is interesting to read your term paper.

Create an effective transition.

You set a tone of your writing in your introductory section. In academic writing, it is very important to make smooth transitions throughout the text, so you need to write an effective transition sentence. This is the last, but not least, sentence in your introductory section. It should provide a reason for the readers to keep reading. If you have trouble writing this sentence, you could search for good examples on the Web.

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