How to write a social science research paper: 10 crucial elements

One of the most difficult science papers to write is a social science paper. The reason is views and attitudes of many readers. There is a lot of bias in the subject, so you need to make it very sound. The more authoritative, the better. Wording and support is extremely critical in this type of paper.

  • State your view
  • Evidence and support
  • Sound Content
  • Grammar
  • Style
  • Model
  • Good research
  • Authoritative voice
  • Focused issues
  • Solid conclusion

State your view

In your thesis you need to state your point of view and your position. Do not in any way veer from this, or you will look weak and weaken your thesis. A social science paper needs to be strong, or it will not be taken seriously.

Evidence and support

Show well founded evidence and support for your views. It is rare that a view that is outside any of the accepted views will be looked at seriously. So if you are coming from an unaccepted view, it is harder than most works accepted. The only way is solid facts and support.

Sound Content

Keep your content well founded. Make sure it is evenly supported and backed up, and your views very well expressed. Do not leave an “Iffy” view, but one that has sound reality and through solid judgment.


Grammar is crucial. One of the ways the extremists will attack your paper, is if they can find nothing else, they will use your grammar against you. To them this will make your paper bad, no matter how well founded it is. It will also affect the way your instructors look at it.


Keep your style solid. If you are writing in CMA, make sure to follow all the instructions of the style.


Use effective models in your paper. Organize your paper properly and design it to allow room for good modeling. A model is an image of an idea presented. So make sure you present ideas in a way so the reader has a good model to follow.

Good research

Use effective and appropriate research. By looking for good references that will help back-up what you are saying, and support your views, your paper will have a more authoritative sound to it.

Authoritative voice

Never sound weak. Make this paper with a sound and authoritative voice. This is your view, own it.

Focused issues

Keep every issue focused. Do not deviate except when it is necessary to do so.

Solid conclusion

In your conclusion, make it solid and tie the paper together correctly. Reiterate your points and finalize your findings. This should be as strong as the rest of the paper if not stronger.

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